• bird_1_200pxSomatic Experiencing (S.E) is one of the most natural and powerful methods for reducing mental and physical discomfort and trauma. There is growing acceptance in leading therapeutic opinion that deep change and healing requires the involvement of the body. S.E. taps into natural instincts and processes in the body that release and relieve suffering and lead you back to balance. It is also something well worth experiencing.

I offer SE in groups as well as one-to-one.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy allows us to tackle some of your issues at their core. Hypnotherapy is not making you ‘cluck like a chicken’, it is as safe as it is powerful, and you are always in complete control. Hypnosis is a mildly altered state that allows us to work with unconscious and unhelpful beliefs in important parts of your life.
  • Creative Mentorship. As a successfully published author and short story writer, I can use all my therapeutic skills to support you through the tangled road of finalising a piece of creative work, no matter what medium you create in. We so often get in our own way, and I work with several clients primarily supporting them through to the completion of an excellent and finished! piece of work.
  • MiCBT and ACT style therapy which consistently outperform other traditional talk therapies in clinical trials. This is about giving you real and practical skills to deal with difficult thoughts, feelings, symptoms, and situations, so you can get back in touch with the life you want. These approaches can make a fundamental difference to your relationship with your internal and external world.
  • Lifestyle support: Weeding out the things you do which complicate your problems. We have all learnt ways to avoid, manage, and deny our feelings. Many of these mechanisms are not only outdated in our lives, but actually make us more disempowered and daunted.
  • Play Therapy. Children are increasingly failing to assimilate the demands of childhood, modern culture, and busy parents with their own attachment wounds. Play therapy is an excellent, child-led, way to release children from pent up trauma and developmental snags, as well as help them to come to terms with the demands of emotion and modern living. With the young, therapy is typically conducted in the child’s own home. Children typically respond more swiftly than adults.

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In addition to our internal world, we have to face an increasingly fast and complex external world. Sometimes all this adds up to overwhelming. And amid the confusing crosswinds of our experience, we’re supposed to keep our eye on the goal – which is to live a life we truly value.