birds_shutterstock_110502425The work we’ll do together will help with your mental and physical discomfort, whatever it is.

This is not traditional talk therapy, or about dredging up pain, this is about using some of the latest and most respected techniques to greatly reduce your difficult or overwhelming emotions; help you deal with the feelings you need; and give you real, practical skills to move onward and upward with your life.

Essentially we will be working in two ways. Firstly, to lessen the level of overwhelm in your system, so that you are feeling less overwhelmed or less shut down and disconnected. Somatic Experiencing accesses the built-in evolutionary process of release and healing in your body.

And secondly, to remodel your relationship with the inevitable range of feelings associated with living a full and meaningful life. You will learn how to handle thoughts, feelings and bodily symptoms in a way that diminishes their power over you. You are then helped to restructure your life in accordance with the things that truly matter. In this way, every day can feel meaningful.

bird_2_200pxMost people experience a real difference after a few sessions, although the duration of treatment will vary from person to person.


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What do you do with your feelings? That’s the key question. It is what we do with our pain; how we try to manage and control our insides, which governs the outcome of our whole life. Because you cannot live a full life if you are not willing to feel, or if you are beset by unwanted feelings.