What would life be like if you could make your feelings more gentle and manageable?


No matter what has brought you to this page – whatever your life story or the story of your current struggle – the ultimate story is feelings. Feeling too much of something (depression; anxiety; grief; ill-health), or too little of something else (connection; joy; satisfaction; meaning, safety).

Everything that happens to us comes through the channel of feeling. We think we’re immersed in life as it is, but actually we experience everything from our own private aquarium of feelings.

Feeling is how we experience the world, and how the world touches us. It is how we know who we deeply are. Getting the kind of support that can make a rapid and significant difference to how you feel is invaluable. Life changing.

“Working with Jon has transformed my life in a way I didn’t dare to imagine. I literally feel like I’ve come back to myself. I feel joy, the capacity to cope, I have natural boundaries, and a sustainable curiosity and excitement about life."
Trauma survivor

The form of therapy I employ often brings about quick and lasting change for all manner of conditions. I have years of experience and have trained worldwide. Clients usually notice a significant improvement in just a few sessions.

Clients of all ages are welcome, including children. Zoom appointments are also available and very effective.

Feel better

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If you could ask yourself one question that could predict how courageously, how deeply, how joyfully you will live and love and work, what do you think that question would be?

When You Or Someone You Love, Falls Over

A broken arm is easy to understand. A cold. The flu. But something that is invisible and just as constraining is far harder to compute. It is therefore, in some ways, more scary or unwieldy. When we (or someone we know) loses the capacity to cope, it’s scary for everyone. The brain is a deeply partitioned thing. It hides us

Who is Watching Your Therapist?

What do you ask a therapist you are thinking of working with? It’s hard to make a start. Perhaps you’ve had a long history of lukewarm help. There’s a lot of it about. Perhaps you’re daunted by the field, and all the varying styles and approaches available. Plus many of the roles are not protected. Anyone can call themselves a


In some circles, healing is a dirty word. Perhaps because therapists worry about the establishment of expectations. Healing is perhaps implicit code for fix me! We all want our symptoms and suffering to go away, even though we also know that all of us must be visited by suffering. That’s life. What makes the brand of therapy I provide so

Kind of Nice

One of the hardest things when you’re down or nervous, is maintaining boundaries. What does that mean? Staying authentic. Saying ‘No’. Saying ‘Can I think about it?’ It’s about knowing what you want and being able to claim it, even in the face of disagreement, or the jangly feelings that come with saying no to others. Boundaries are partly maintained