Do you want to feel better?

Over the course of eight weeks, just two hours per week, I can you give you tangible experience and insight into how your suffering and feelings are generated, how you make them worse, and how to stop doing that. I can also teach you skills to manage the unavoidable feelings that life generates in all of us. I can help you feel better.

The therapy course covers key topics, teaches you practical tools to manage your life and your feelings better, and helps group members drop some of their trauma. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s beneficial for basically everyone, every time. 

If you could ask yourself one question that could predict how courageously, how deeply, how joyfully you will live and love and work, what do you think that question would be?

The therapy course costs £240. That’s around £14 an hour for therapy that works. Some people worry initially about being in a group, or that they need 1-1 help, but most often the group soon feels safe and effective. Every week one group member has a 1-1 with me. Some group members top-up with some 1-1 sessions over the duration of the course. All my therapy courses are online.

The groups are small, friendly, safe, and effective. You’ll have a short, free, 1-1 session with me before joining, so that we can both be confident the course will be right for you.

Email me now at and we’ll arrange your short, free, intro over zoom – or use the contact form below to get in touch. 

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    About Jon Bauer BSc SEP

    Jonny Bauer has been trained in and practices Somatic Experiencing, Family Constellations, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is also training in Psychedelic Therapy with the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. Jonny is beginning as one of the therapists at Imperial College on their current clinical trials with psychedelics. Jonny also has a deep understanding of many other psychological models, including ACT, IFS, expanded/altered states, and psychodynamic/Jungian principles.

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