Appointments last an hour (longer appointments are available for deeper work — priced pro rata). Rates are between £95 and £155 per session depending on circumstances. (Some concessions sessions available.) These prices are competitive for a therapist of my training, experience, and success rate. It’s worth arranging an intro and discussing money, if that is an issue.

Feel free to arrange a free chat before booking. Group work is charged at £30 per week for eight weeks (2 hours per week). Email for details. Group work offers benefits one-to-one does not. And vice versa.


“When I first contacted Jon, a few weeks after a traumatic surgical encounter, I was in a state of heightened emotion, feeling very low and in a lot of physical pain. During the last six weeks of sessions with Jon I have experienced a profound improvement. Jon is a very sensitive and skilled guide, who provided a safe space in which to process the trauma. Jon helped bring about some powerful releases of emotion, sometimes physical shaking, all of which I now understand to be the process of releasing and healing the trauma.

I believe this treatment was a significant turning point in my recovery from the operation, and since then I have felt not just an improvement, but a great sense of openness and wellbeing.

Jon was recommended to me by a close friend suffering from intense anxiety, who has also benefited greatly from his sessions. I have several other friends who have been to see Jon for a wide range of different emotional issues, all of whom also hold him and his work in high regard.”
Ben, cancer patient.

“After years of compassion based CBT I felt I should be able to function and had a sense I needed to accept things were as good as they were going to get. However it seemed like the trauma I carried in my body was too great a burden to carry and I just felt like I couldn’t carry on. Working with Jon has transformed my life in a way I didn’t dare to imagine. I literally feel like I’ve come back to myself, I feel joy, the capacity to cope, I have natural boundaries, and a sustainable curiosity and excitement about life.”
Trauma survivor