About Jon Bauer BSc   SEP

It strikes me that whilst there’s heaps of knowledge in the world, there isn’t much wisdom. One item of wisdom is that working with others, for the benefit of others, is a source of happiness. And this feels true. I’ve explored many professions, including the serious and successful pursuit of a creative bent (writing), but nothing is as important to me as the work I do with clients.

What’s more, working with their nervous system seems more powerful to me than walking the long and complicated corridors of the mind. Talk therapy is effective and a part of the landscape, but my own healing exploded when I found SE. I had experiences that were categorically deep, effective, and that changed me for the better. Quickly. So it feels very exciting to share that with others.

There’s always a moment during a client’s first or second (or third!) session when they look at you, and you can see the recognition on their face. The recognition that something gentle and powerful is happening to them, and their bodies are the ones orchestrating it. I love that moment. I had a first moment like that too, when my body showed me what it could do to heal my body, my nerves, and my mind. And I’ve not really looked back since.

Our bodies are a source of wisdom, insight, and healing, as well as the source of so much of what we struggle with in life. But it’s a worthy struggle, and a juicy and important part of being alive.

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Feeling and desire are the motive forces behind all human endeavour and human creation, in however exalted a guise the latter may present itself to us.
Albert Einstein